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The results shown here are client results, and do not indicate the average success rate.They are not typical. Tweets & Clients is not a “get rich quick scheme” and we do not sell a business opportunity. We exclusively work with people who have experience operating a business and have more than 3,000 followers.The results shown are not a guarantee. They are dependant on a multitude of factors such as previous experience, work you put in and how sticky you follow the process.

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How Tim Got To $30,000/Month in 30 days

Tim & JK talk about how to attract ecom store owners on Twitter by only posting "Deep Content"

How Tony Made $400,000 With 10k followers

Tony shares his journey on how he took Twitter by storm and made $400,000 with 10k followers.

How Leevi Makes $50,000 a month with 18k followers

Leevi talks about making $50,000 a month with his lead gen agency coaching offer.

How Kyle Got $105,000 worth of business with Tweets & Clients

Kyle shares how he's using Twitter to grow his DTC investment portfolio.

How Aaron Went From $5,000/month to $30,000/month in 30 days

Aaron and JK talk about monetizing when you feel like you're stuck on Twitter.

How Mike Made $31,000 in 30 Days With 2,500 Followers

Mike and JK talk about how he went from a few clients to getting $31,000 in 30 days with 2,500 followers showing others how to set up vending machine businesses.

How Nikita Went From $10k-$30k/month

Nikita and JK talk about how he went from 40 followers to 4,000 and from $10k/month to $30k/month in 60 days.

How Sam Makes $24k/month On Twitter

Sam shares how he landed a million follower+ client and how much he gets Twitter inbound.

How Marcos Makes $10,000/Month With Under 5k followers

Marcos shares his structure and journey in being a Twitter Ghostwriter and making his first $10,000/Month with under 5k followers.

How Niv Grew His Business to $200M

Niv shares his 13+ years of experience, and how he grew his businesses from $18M to $200M.

How We Got Tweet Hunter to
$1.5 Million/Year With Twitter

JK, Tibo and Thomas talk about how we leveraged Twitter to build Tweet Hunter (even though we haven't met in real life).

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Having an audience makes many things easier - but it also makes some things harder.Your good decisions turn into great decisions.But your bad decisions turn into seriously bad outcomes.In our experience, the best way to solve this problem is to learn from others who understand your unique situation.They're tough to find. But when you do, it's life changing.And that's what Tweets & Clients is for.Joining T&C gives you immediate access to other big players who are going through the same things as you. Members consistently call it "a lifesaver".

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